Architecture & Design

Architecture Management involves establishing consistent and effective methods and controls across the broader enterprise while ensuring business strategies and objectives are being met by industry proven solutions.  Architecture Management is a complex field due to an overwhelming set of technology alternatives and competing non-functional forces (such as performance, fault tolerance, maintainability, etc).

Our staff is prepared to provide Architecture Management services in support of your complex engineering and business challenges.

Architecture Management emphasizes:

    • Technology Lifecycle Management
    • Technology Assessment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Regulatory/Risk Management
    • Pattern Identification and Capture
    • Portfolio Management
    • Architectural Quality Attribute Management

Architecture Development targets specific implementations within the enterprise focusing on domain specific aspects to ensure that the design of such implementations meet with established architecture principles as well as expected business objectives.

Architecture Development emphasizes:

    • Solutions Assessments
    • Solutions Design
    • Solutions Migration
    • Solutions Compliance
    • Solutions Performance

OCI offers experienced individuals that will provide these services who will assist your organization in mentoring existing personnel in these disciplines.