Solutions & Services

In order to help the client succeed, OCI offers a broad spectrum of services and solutions to our customers. Which services and solutions are appropriate for a particular client depend on the individual needs of the client, the details of the engagement, and the nature of the problem space.

OCI offers a variety of knowledge transfer services that include training, mentoring, and consulting. These can be used to quickly bring your existing staff up to speed on specific technologies and new products as well as entirely new software development approaches.

OCI uses and supports many different open source products and continually evaluates and adopts new products. For those products that we have developed or have become a core part of our business, we offer first class commercial support as well as services tailored to their adoption and deployment.

We are able to offer support for the customer in all phases of their software development, delivery, and deployment. Starting with Software Architecture support, we can help define the system, architecture, and associated development plan. We staff internal development centers that have the ability to deliver Turnkey solutions to your organization. We can also help augment your in-house development with Advantage IT Staffing solutions.

By leveraging our knowledge of state-of-the-art software technologies and extensive practical experience in:

We provide our clients with more pragmatic choices and greater control.