Course Catalog

Course ID Course Title Duration

.NET / C# Programming

MSAD01-01Introduction to C# Programming and the .NET Framework3 days
MSAD02-01Intermediate C#/.NET Programming2 days
MSAD03-01Advanced C#/.NET Programming2 days
MSAD04-01Data Access Solutions in .NET2 days
MSAD05-01Creating a Rich User Experience with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)2 days
MSAD06-01Guidelines and Best Practices for .NET Development1 day

.NET Web App Development

MSWD01-01Developing Rich Web Applications using ASP.NET3 days
MSWD02-01ASP.NET MVC: Pattern-Oriented Web Application Development2 days
MSWD03-01Web Application Development with ASP.NET AJAX2 days
MSWD04-01Creating Service-Oriented Applications with Windows Communication Foundatio2 days

Business Analysis

BA0201-01Enterprise Analysis and Business Requirements Planning2 days
BA0202-01Eliciting and Documenting Requirements2 days
BA0203-01Analyzing and Validating Requirements2 days
BA0301-01Project Management for the Business Analyst2 days
BA0303-01Business Process Modeling & Redesign2 days
BA0501-01Fundamentals of Software Testing2 days
BA0601-01CBAP/CCPA Certification Prep Bootcamp3 days


ESCP02-01Implementing Data Structures in C++3 days
ESCP03-01Introduction to C++ Programming4 days
ESCP04-02Intermediate C++ Programming4 days
ESCP05-02Advanced C++ Programming4 days
ESCP08-01C++ Programming with Boost4 days
ESCP09-01C++ 2011: The New Standard3 days

Distributed Computing

ESDC02-01CORBA Programming with C++4 days
ESDC03-02Using the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment C++ Framework4 days
ESDC06-01Advanced CORBA Programming with TAO (for Real-Time)4 days
ESDC08-01OpenDDS Programming with C++4 days
ESDC09-01OpenDDS Modeling Software Development Kit (SDK)2-days, plus an optional 1-day overview of DDS and OpenDDS

Dynamic Languages

ESOS05-01Programming in Perl3 days
ESOS07-01Ruby Programming3 days
ESOS08-01Ruby on Rails Web Development3 days
ESOS09-02Introduction to Programming with Python4 days
ESOS10-01Object-Oriented Python Programming4 days
ESOS11-01Developing GUI Applications Using wxPython4 days

Enterprise Mobile

ESMA05-01iOS Programming3 days

Enterprise Mobile Computing - Android

ESMA01-01Android Platform Development3 days
ESMA02-01Advanced Android Platform Development3 days

Enterprise Networking

NETW01-01Networking Fundamentals3 days
NETW02-01TCP/IP Fundamentals2 days
NETW03-01IP Routing Fundamentals2 days
NETW04-01Designing Enterprise Networks3 days
NETW05-01Managing Enterprise Networks2 days
NETW06-01Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks2 days

Financial Services

FINC00-01Introduction to FIX1 day
FINC01-01Introduction to FIX and QuickFIX for C++ Developers3 days
FINC02-01Introduction to FIX and QuickFIX for Java Developers3 days
FINC03-01Introduction to FAST1 day


ESJA02-01Introduction to Java Programming2 days
ESJA03-02Intermediate Java Programming4 days
ESJA06-01Advanced Java Programming4 days
ESJA16-01Java Testing in Action Using JUnit2 days
ESJA21-01Data Access in Java Using Hibernate2 days
ESJA24-01Using the Eclipse IDE for Software Developers2 days
ESJA27-01Java Struts 2 Web Application Development3 days
ESJA30-01Core Spring Framework I: Introduction to Spring2 days
ESJA31-01Core Spring Framework II: Spring Web Applications2 days

Object Oriented Software Engineering

ESAD02-02Hands On Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using UML3 days
ESAD03-02Object-Oriented Design Patterns2 days
ESAD07-01Intro to Software Architecture2 days
ESAD08-01Intro to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)2 days


ORA001-01Exploring Oracle Using SQL, SQL Developer, and SQL*Plus3 days
ORA002-01Oracle Application Development Using PL/SQL3 days
ORA004-01Effective Oracle Database Administration3 days
ORA005-01Oracle Database Performance Tuning2 days


SEC001-01IT Security Fundamentals2 days
SEC002-01Security Architecture and Controls3 days
SEC003-01Intro to Hacking, Defense, and Response2 days
SEC004-01Incident Response and Computer Forensics2 days
SEC005-01Application Security2 days
SEC008-01Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark


SHP125-01Building Composite Applications using SharePoint 2013 Part 13 days
SHP130-01Building Composite Applications using SharePoint 2013 Part 22 days
SHP135-01Developing Solutions with SharePoint Server 2013 Part 13 days
SHP140-01Developing Solutions with SharePoint Server 2013 Part 23 days
SHP145-01SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals Part 13 days
SHP150-01SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals Part 23 days
SHP165-01SharePoint Server 2013 for Farm Administrators Part 13 days
SHP170-01SharePoint Server 2013 for Farm Administrators Part 23 days

SQL Server

MSQL01-02Introduction to SQL Server3 days
MSQL02-02Transact SQL Essentials2 days
MSQL03-02Administering SQL Server3 days
MSQL04-02SQL Server Tools (SSIS, SSAS, Reporting)3 days
MSQL05-02Constructing Effective Business Solutions with SQL Server2 days


ESOS02-02Exploring The Unix Operating System3 days
ESOS03-01Unix Shell and awk Programming3 days
ESOS12-01Enterprise Linux System Administration 13 days
ESOS12-02Enterprise Linux System Administration 22 days
ESOS13-01Practical Apache Web Server Administration2 days

Web Design

WDN001-01Exploring HTML5 and CSS2 days
WDN002-01Advanced CSS2 days
WDN007-01Mastering Effective Website Design3 days

Web Development

ESWD00-01JavaScript Programming3 days
ESWD01-01jQuery Rich Internet Application Development2 days
ESWD02-01Web Development Fundamentals Overview2 days
ESWD03-01Node.js for Scalable, High-Performance Web Applications2 days
ESWD04-01AngularJS3 days


ESXM01-02Creating and Validating XML3 days
ESXM02-01XML Programming Using Java3 days
ESXM03-01Web Services using Java3 days
ESXM04-01Processing XML with XSLT, XSL-FO and XQuery3 days