No longer can systems be developed in isolation. All systems must be designed assuming they will inevitably be connected to other systems, more than likely they could be external systems.

Businesses now move at the speed of light. Major businesses expect participants on their supply chains to exhibit low latency behaviors.

Systems have to be open and interoperable (use global standards), scalable (handle surges in demand), predictable, i.e. able to meet stringent quality of service metrics (use deterministic design patterns), and secure (use highest appropriate levels of encryption).

Such characteristics used to be the hallmark of military systems. Now they are standard business requirements for prudent, global companies. Today's partners are tomorrow's fierce competitors. OCI is well versed in time critical, large scale communications architectures and technologies. Our client project portfolio includes DoD, telecommunication, media and finance systems. Our open source technologies and knowledge base enable us to help our clients build extensible, maintainable systems that operate under even the most adverse conditions.

How we approach Software Integration

We are not a reseller or in any way influenced by vendor affiliations. We work for our clients and have no hidden agendas. We provide a vendor independent perspective focusing on helping our clients to reduce costs, while maintaining high quality solutions. As a result we can help our clients avoid the vendor lock-in that often hinders best of class choices and as result we help them maintain control over their own products. Our selective support and use of open source products can jumpstart a project and also allow flexibility by tailoring the solution to more closely match the client requirements. Open source products avoid large fixed maintenance fees and help reduce lifecycle costs. As we work with clients we strive to not only provide resources to resolve software development issues, but also to transfer knowledge to ensure a complete understanding of the issues by the client. Our clients gain knowledge about how to resolve these issues on their own and minimize the overall cost. We adapt training and mentoring services to our clients based on the needs of each individual client. When migrating it requires careful planning to ensure no interruption of services. OCI offers services to assist in technology migration.