Open Source

Our goal is to provide the best and most cost effective software solutions.

Open source is now mainstream. Many open source products are considered "best of class". Credible sources identify open source software as a viable way to cut costs. Open source solutions bear serious consideration for all software development projects.

OCI is an expert user and developer of open source software products. By building solutions for our clients using open source software we have been able to speed up the delivery of a quality solution with minimum associated risk. It provides a level of control and transparency that are not available with proprietary, commercial software products. Open source is not only cost effective, but time effective with an added bonus

Open source encourages the user community to influence the direction of the software while providing them the benefits from other organizations sharing development and maintenance responsibilities. Open source is code reuse on a massive scale. Open source can not only be part of your product, but it can be a fundamental part of your process.

Many companies now "compete with process". Tailoring open source tools to populate your process for software development produces dividends by compressing schedules. During many of OCI's engagements we provide these development tools integrated into a process, as well as delivering the code.

This comprises our planning for a successful transition. We deliver not only the code, but the tools, environments, scripts and frameworks used to develop and test that code. Clients take ownership of the evolution of their code without missing a beat, or incurring additional costs normally associated with SW licensing.

OCI's use of open source meets the demands of clients for:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Solutions that outlive our involvement

OCI evaluates and selects from among available open source products carefully. We categorize them to set client's expectations appropriately and determine which should be supported at the highest tier.

Open Source Consulting

If you are new to the world of open source, OCI can help you evaluate and select from the myriad candidate products to identify which ones are right for your projects. We understand the different licensing models and will help you determine which ones can best suit your circumstances. We help you evaluate the communities and determine the durability of the project. We often act on behalf of our clients by making code submissions to fix bugs, increase portability, and add new functionality. Our clients benefit from our support as we ensure the quality of the maintained code base and protect their anonymity. Many clients do not want to expose their future intentions publicly through active participation in open source communities.

Categories of Services

We provide a broad array of open source related services to help our clients take full advantage of the benefits of open source by: