OCI's Mark Volkmann to present at 2012 Gateway Software Symposium, April 20-21, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO - Mark Volkmann, Principal Software Engineer and Partner with OCI, will present "Node.js - the core" at the 2012 Gateway Software Symposium, April 20-21, 2012, in St. Louis, MO.

More information about Mark and his presentation can be found here:

The conference home page is

Now Available! TAO Developer's Guide Version 2.0a eBook!

OCI has been hard at work making the TAO Developer's Guide - Version 2.0a available as an eBook in EPUB, Mobi and PDF file formats.

We know that you work in many different ways, so providing this valuable publication in eBook form let's you take advantage of powerful eBook reader functionality to get the information you need without delay.

Here are just some of the features described in the TAO Developer's Guide - Version 2.0a eBook:

Copyright and Licensing for MPC

MPC (Licensed Product) is protected by copyright, and is distributed under the following terms.

MPC (The Makefile, Project, and Workspace Creator)

A fragile build system may preclude you from supporting diversity. Diversity in terms of platform targets for your software enables you to keep your vendor options open. Makefile, Project, and workspace Creator was originally developed by OCI to assist the ACE and TAO open source development community in supporting multi-platform software.

Embedded Systems Development

OCI development labs include many RTOS and board level target systems enabling us to do projects requiring special hardware and software combinations, and cross platform development.
We now see more use of DSPs and FPGAs as clients look to leverage specific hardware for their software solutions. Not only can OCI develop on those targets but we can create cross-platform development environments that facilitate the easy movement of developers and their code from hosts to targets.

Three Tier Support Model

OCI has a three tier model for characterizing for our customers our expertise with open source products. As we become more knowledgeable about open source projects, i.e. we try them ourselves, we write articles, we use them, we submit new features, we watch them gain user acceptance, we witness the liveliness of the community, then they often move up a tier.

Solutions Engineering

OCI partners with clients domestically and around the globe to build enterprise-class mission-critical systems, and improve the performance of critical applications. Let us help you handle your toughest development challenges and provide you with solutions that will make you more successful.

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