About OCI

Open Source from Inception

Twenty years ago, we viewed Open Source as a cost-effective alternative to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), enabling us to build scalable enterprise-class solutions for our clients. Today, the world recognizes this set of truths: Open Source represents industrial-strength, secure, fully-endorsed, software solutions that are used across industries and throughout organizations worldwide.

Open Source technologies are backed by 24/7 collaboration and rigorous testing by a community of supporters and users that continually drive the product to the next level. When you pair that with all of the empowering characteristics of Open Source — no vendor lock-in, full access to the code, zero licensing fees, etc. — the performance, scalability and cost savings realized by Open Source makes it a business necessity.  By reducing your technical debt and increasing your speed to market, your software solutions can generate immediate competitive advantage for your organization.

Since 1993, our teams have been active contributors in the development, incubation, and advancement of Open Source technologies and engineering services, serving F500 companies locally and around the globe.  We have built and actively support a suite of Open Source products, including Grails, OpenDDS, TAO, and JBoss.


Leveraging our deep software engineering proficiency, built over the past 2 decades, today our practice focuses on these 5 areas:

Software Engineering

We deliver software solutions to meet our clients’ complex and evolving business and technical requirements. Our solutions are architected and built for superior quality, operational efficiency, and extensibility to adapt to future demands. Our full lifecycle software engineering capabilities span multiple business and technology domains, including real-time, embedded, large-scale, integrated, and distributed systems, to modern web, mobile, and cloud-enabled applications.

Our experienced and disciplined software engineers embrace continuous learning and professional development to refine and enhance their collective skills and leverage software development best practices.  Mentoring and knowledge transfer are core to our service delivery, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ teams.

Open Source Solutions (OSS)

Open Source solutions provide significant gains in efficiency and business flexibility, affording a level of control that drives rapid innovation, risk mitigation, and cost savings. Our software engineers expertly engage with you and your team to explore where and when Open Source solutions make economic, functional, and practical sense.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

We incubate and deliver upon our client’s IIoT business ideas and objectives, using high throughput data ingestion technologies, development frameworks and tools for “edge” development and device/sensor connectivity, and by designing, building, and integrating end-to-end IIoT transformational solutions.

Analytics & Data Science

Our focus is on enhancing our client’s Analytics and Data Science competencies by delivering high performance data engineering capabilities at scale, using our expertise in machine learning, open source technologies and distributed computing. Ultimately our clients attain more timely, intelligent, relevant, and actionable business insight from both their legacy or greenfield software solutions.

Grails Solutions

Grails is an Open Source, high productivity framework for building enterprise-scale web applications. Popular among shops that have invested in Java or JVM-based technologies, Grails facilitates rapid application development. It is welcomed by development staff (including those currently using Spring and Hibernate) with its flat learning curve; and applauded by the business as measurably increasing speed-to-market. Software engineering support and strong documentation, bolstered by a vibrant user community, make Grails a terrific choice for any organization looking to quickly bring industrial-strength, scalable, and integrated solutions to market.


Software engineering training continues to be at the core of our business, serving our clients, staff, and the community at large. We have over 40 instructors on staff and have trained over 50,000 engineers! Our course offerings include 100+ courses in software development, web design, mobile computing, agile practices, security, and other topics.

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