Our Clients

What Our Clients are Saying

"Because of your dedication and effort through the Labor Day holiday and last weekend we delivered today, two days early.  This was a great accomplishment."

BAE Systems, JSF Tacan

"Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with quality and timeliness of the support that we are getting on the three issues that we've submitted. Thank you!"


"I should also say that we're very happy with progress on this so far - you've saved us a lot of pain :-)"

Progress Software

"As team lead, I really sleep well at night knowing we have folks on the OCI team supporting our project. The professionalism and integrity really does make a difference, and I see this in the individual level from OCI and also clearly, this is something that reflects very well on the organization as a whole."

Large Aerospace & Plane Manufacturer

"I was extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to work with you...  You all were great to work with - very professional, competent and productive. I know that if I ever have a need, that you guys can be counted on. I also really enjoyed the fact that you guys were always willing to take the time to help me understand what you guys were working on, from a programmatic point of view, as well as a technical point of view." 

Large Aerospace & Plane Manufacturer

"Thanks again for your efforts on this issue.  I must admit we almost gave up on this case, and you handled it great. It's always a pleasure working with you!"

IT Infrastructure Software Company

"I want to thank you for the excellent support you provided us.  We deal with many other support organizations, as well as provide it ourselves ... and I don't often see such strong technical support."

Telecommunications Company

"I also appreciate the patience with which you and OCI handled the transaction given the delays and processing requirements on our end. Things could not have gone more smoothly on your end."

Gaming Company

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