OCI Tech Lunch (Common Javascript Idioms from ES5 in ES6/2015)

August 22, 2016

Please join us this Friday, August 26th, from 11:30 to 12:30 at the OCI Education Center for an OCI Tech Lunch where David Atchely will present "Common Javascript Idioms from ES5 in ES6/2015" which will give an overview of many of the common idioms used in Javascript programming prior to ES2015/ES6 and Babel and then show how the new standard/features allow you to implement those idioms; as well as some new ES2015/ES6 related idioms as well.

As always, pizza and soda will be served. All OCI/Advantage engineers are welcome, and you can bring along your non-OCI colleagues. If you'd like to see the talk but can't make it to OCI, we can make it available to watch online. Whether you are coming to OCI or watching online, Please RSVP here.

Since we have no way of knowing if you've "accepted" this invitation or added it to your calendar, the only way to RSVP is to use this form.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Grails 3.2 M2: Benefits of Spring Boot

August 18, 2016

In this 1 minute video, Grails Founder, Graeme Rocher, describes how Grails provides all of the benefits of Spring Boot, plus a whole lot more!

Stay tuned for more videos and the Grails 3.2 M2 release coming September 2016!

OCI is Excited to Announce Our Second G&G Meetup!

August 17, 2016

Jeff Scott Brown, co-founder of Grails, will be leading a discussion on 
Web Application Metaprogramming with Grails 3

Be sure to arrive early to network and enjoy pizza and beverages!


Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Doors open at 6:00pm. Presentation and discussion will begin at 6:30pm.


Reinsurance Group of America, Inc.
16600 Swingley Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO

Our first event was a great success- you don't want to miss this one!
RSVP on the Meetup page today! Hope to see you on September 7th!

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Grails 3.2 M2 Released!

August 11, 2016

Check out this 1-minute video featuring Grails Founder Graeme Rocher, as he discusses the new features in Grails 3.2, including:

  • AngularJS Scaffolding
  • RxGorm
  • Multitenancy
  • Multiple Data Sources for all GORM implementations
  • GORM 6
  • AST-based Cache Plugin

Grails 3.2 ships September 2016!

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Special Offer for OMG Technical Meeting

August 09, 2016

OMG Technical Meeting
Loews O'Hare Hotel ● September 12-16, 2016 ● Chicago, IL USA


Register with Discount Code: TCCH46

Read more and register

Special & Co-located Events:

Monday Morning, September 12, 2016

Introduction to OMG s Modeling and Middleware Specifications Tutorial

Dr. Jon Siegel, OMG's Vice President, Technology Transfer, will present the tutorial "Introduction and Overview of OMG Specifications." OMG defines the computing industry's modeling specifications. These include the Business Motivation Metamodel (BMM ), Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM ), and widely-used Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN ) V2. Our foundational Meta-Object Facility (MOF ) supports the Unified Modeling Language. (UML.) and associated languages including the Systems Modeling Language (SysML.), Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM ), the Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM ), and others; together, they support the Model-Driven Architecture. (MDA.). Our middleware standards include conventional and real-time versions of CORBA. and the publish-subscribe Data-Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS ). Building on this broad base, OMG members define model-based specifications enabling interoperability in a wide range of vertical domains including healthcare, finance, C4I, robotics, business process, government, manufacturing, space, and others.

» Details

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 13-14, 2016

Business Architecture Insurance Industry Reference Model Workshop

The Business Architecture Guild and OMG are pleased to announce the next Business Architecture Reference Model Building Workshop, to be held on September 13-14, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. This workshop will focus on the Insurance Industry. Business architecture is widely accepted as a formal discipline within the insurance industry, yet a complete set of business architecture reference models is not available. The timing, therefore, is ideal for formalizing, maturing and disseminating a set of insurance industry, business architecture reference models.

Workshop participants will gain value from these sessions through the hands on mapping experience. If you are in a featured industry or a related industry, you will gain immediate benefit from this exercise and be able to incorporate the results into your company s business architecture. If you work in a different industry, your will still gain valuable insights into the hands on session and collaborative nature of the work.

If you are relatively new to the discipline, please join us for the Monday afternoon primer on business architecture, with a focus on capability and value mapping. This primer will prepare attendees new to business architecture with the basic skills needed to participate in the workshop.

» Details

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cyber Risk Summit

Cyber threats facing a nation's critical infrastructure, mission-critical systems, or any Internet of Things (IoT) system, demand a cyber infrastructure that matches their combined enormity and complexity. Risk management solutions must be capable of understanding intricate attack patterns and assessing complex vulnerabilities to give stakeholders confidence in their system's ability to withstand malicious attacks.

The Cyber Risk Summit hosted September 14 during the OMG Technical Meeting will discuss standards-based methods and solutions to combat cyber risk and bolster the security and resiliency of IT systems. Speakers will share business cases where automated risk management solutions addressed key cyber risk issues while reducing cost. Attendees will learn about the real-world application of standards to help organizations understand, assess, and manage cyber risk.

» Details

Thursday Morning, September 15, 2016

Industrial Internet of Things Challenges and Opportunities
- complimentary morning session

This joint program by the Object Management Group . (OMG .) and the Industrial Internet Consortium . (IIC) will take a closer look of some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Industrial Internet of Things.

Experts predict that the Internet of Things will disrupt entire industries and instigate sweeping changes in the way of doing business for years to come. And while there are enormous benefits in efficiency and economy, these benefits can only be achieved by overcoming challenges that range from the need for a new distributed computing architecture to security and privacy risks. While the need for standards and better protocols for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and data sharing is clear, the need to address these other challenges is now coming into focus.

Industry leaders from both the OMG and the IIC will discuss the latest trends, present case studies and join together in a panel discussion focused on IIoT security. Join us at this complimentary event.

» Details

Sponsorships & Exhibits

To become a meeting sponsor, contact Business Development at or +1-781-444 0404. For more information about reserving your exhibit space (free to Contributing, Domain or Platform OMG members), contact Mike Narducci at or +1-781-444 0404.


SAVE $100 SAVE $250
Early-bird Discount: Friday, August 12th Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel: Friday, August 19th


We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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August 2016 SETT Article: Grails Angular Scaffolding

August 01, 2016

by James Kleeh, Software Engineer

Creating a single page application has never been easier with the new Grails Angular Scaffolding Plugin! This article provides a short tutorial on how to use the plugin.

The easiest way to get started with scaffolding is to use the angular profile in Grails 3.2.0 or higher, which installs and configures the plugin automatically. See the documentation for information on how to get the plugin installed into an existing application.

For this tutorial, we will be working with the following domain classes. Read more

Partner Mark Volkmann presenting at MidwestJS

July 13, 2016

Mark will be presenting at this year's conference on React. Catch his session at 11:30 AM on August 11th.

React - Say No to Complexity

React is a web app framework from Facebook that focuses on the view portion. It emphasizes building UIs from components, most of which only use data that is directly passed to them. This results in components that are easy to understand, reuse, and test.

React applications naturally divide into code that addresses two separate concerns. The first is what a component should render when given certain data. The second is how events should be handled, often modifying the state of the application. React takes care of determining the minimum set of DOM changes that are required to update the UI based on changes to the state. This is done efficiently through use of a "virtual DOM". Changes to this can be quickly "diffed" against the previous version.

There are great options for the aspects of web apps that are not handled by React. For routing, many developers use react-router. For Ajax, commonly used libraries include Fetch and axios. For immutable data structures, the Immutable library from Facebook is recommended. For data management (state), Redux is becoming a defacto standard.

This talk covers everything you need to know in order to get started using React.

About MidwestJS

August 10-12 in Minneapolis, MN

Midwest JS is a premier technology conference focused on the JavaScript ecosystem. The conference has been a tremendous success the past two years and we hope to make it even better in 2016! The conference will be held in downtown Minneapolis at the University of St. Thomas.

For more information, please visit

OCI Sponsors GlobalHack 2016

July 08, 2016

We are very excited to announce that we will be an Innovator Sponsor at this year's GlobalHack.

About GlobalHack

GlobalHack hackathons bring together engineers, developers, UI/UX designers, entrepreneurs, and technologists for weekend-long software competitions. Small teams across youth, college, and professional divisions work around the clock to build innovative software solutions that solve real-world, civic problems. The teams’ final prototypes are then presented to a panel of highly-qualified industry experts and cash prizes are awarded to the top teams.

OCI Founder to Serve on GlobalHack Host Committee

Additionally, OCI Founder Ebrahim Moshiri has been invited and will serve on the GlobalHack Host Committee, alongside representatives from the business, government, nonprofit, and startup sectors, in support of the upcoming hackathon.

Learn more about GlobalHack

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Special Offer for 1st Annual G3 Summit!

July 06, 2016

What's G3 Summit?

From the Man behind the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Software Symposium Tour, always delivering excellent speakers and technically rich presentations about the Java/JVM ecosystem... introducing...

G3 Summit

This annual event for the Groovy, Grails, and Gradle (G3) community will be packed with some amazing presentations delivered by project leaders, committers, authors, and industry experts of the Groovy/Grails/Gradle community, including Graeme Rocher, Guillaume Laforge, Venkat Subramaniam, Jeff Scott Brown, Ken Kousen and many others!

Event Details:

Date: Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2016

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

OCI has a special offer just for you! Use Code oci150g3 for $150.00 savings off registration! Register here


July 2016 SETT Article: Building Alexa Skills With Grails

July 01, 2016

By Ryan Vanderwerf, Software Engineer

Recently I gave a talk at GR8Conf EU about building applications for the Amazon Alexa platform. I talked about using Groovy with Lambdas to demonstrate Skills (Alexa Apps), as well as using Grails. I’ll give this talk again at GR8Conf US at the end of July (2016) and have even more good stuff to share. On top of that, after working on this for months, I have the material to present an Alexa workshop at GR8Conf US (Thanks to Collin Harrington for helping with the idea). Good Times! Read more

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