Partner Mark Volkmann presenting at MidwestJS

July 13, 2016

Mark will be presenting at this year's conference on React. Catch his session at 11:30 AM on August 11th.

React - Say No to Complexity

React is a web app framework from Facebook that focuses on the view portion. It emphasizes building UIs from components, most of which only use data that is directly passed to them. This results in components that are easy to understand, reuse, and test.

React applications naturally divide into code that addresses two separate concerns. The first is what a component should render when given certain data. The second is how events should be handled, often modifying the state of the application. React takes care of determining the minimum set of DOM changes that are required to update the UI based on changes to the state. This is done efficiently through use of a "virtual DOM". Changes to this can be quickly "diffed" against the previous version.

There are great options for the aspects of web apps that are not handled by React. For routing, many developers use react-router. For Ajax, commonly used libraries include Fetch and axios. For immutable data structures, the Immutable library from Facebook is recommended. For data management (state), Redux is becoming a defacto standard.

This talk covers everything you need to know in order to get started using React.

About MidwestJS

August 10-12 in Minneapolis, MN

Midwest JS is a premier technology conference focused on the JavaScript ecosystem. The conference has been a tremendous success the past two years and we hope to make it even better in 2016! The conference will be held in downtown Minneapolis at the University of St. Thomas.

For more information, please visit

Special Offer for 1st Annual G3 Summit!

July 06, 2016

What's G3 Summit?

From the Man behind the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Software Symposium Tour, always delivering excellent speakers and technically rich presentations about the Java/JVM ecosystem... introducing...

G3 Summit

This annual event for the Groovy, Grails, and Gradle (G3) community will be packed with some amazing presentations delivered by project leaders, committers, authors, and industry experts of the Groovy/Grails/Gradle community, including Graeme Rocher, Guillaume Laforge, Venkat Subramaniam, Jeff Scott Brown, Ken Kousen and many others!

Event Details:

Date: Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2016

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

OCI has a special offer just for you! Use Code oci150g3 for $150.00 savings off registration! Register here


July 2016 SETT Article: Building Alexa Skills With Grails

July 01, 2016

By Ryan Vanderwerf, Software Engineer

Recently I gave a talk at GR8Conf EU about building applications for the Amazon Alexa platform. I talked about using Groovy with Lambdas to demonstrate Skills (Alexa Apps), as well as using Grails. I’ll give this talk again at GR8Conf US at the end of July (2016) and have even more good stuff to share. On top of that, after working on this for months, I have the material to present an Alexa workshop at GR8Conf US (Thanks to Collin Harrington for helping with the idea). Good Times! Read more

Inaugural Saint Louis Groovy & Grails Meetup

June 14, 2016

Inaugural Saint Louis Groovy and Grails Meetup

We have an amazing line-up for our first Meetup!

Jeff Scott Brown, co-founder of Grails, will begin the discussion and turn it over to Graeme Rocher, co-founder of Grails, who will be visiting us from Spain. Graeme will deliver a technical presentation on to-be-released Grails 3.2, along with the [masked] Grails technical roadmap.

Click here to head over to the Meetup page and sign up!


Monday, July 25th, 2016
6:00pm to 7:30pm


Reinsurance Group of America, Inc.
16600 Swingley Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO

Reception begins at 6:00pm
Technical discussion begins at 6:30 pm
Pizza and beverages will be served. Hope to see you on the 25th!

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OCI Discount for GR8Conf US 2016

June 03, 2016

OCI is a Platinum Sponsor for this year's GR8Conf US, July 27-29 in Minneapolis, MN, and this is one event you don't want to miss!

Check out this lineup!

This year's conference will feature Graeme Rocher, founder and project lead for Grails, along with Jeff Scott Brown, Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal, Colin Harrington, Ryan Vanderwerf, and several other amazing technologists from the G&G community!  And... this year's conference is getting started with a full day workshop featuring sessions on Groovy, Grails and Ratpack.

We said it before-- you don't want to miss this event!!

And to make your decision that much easier, use code gr82016-OCI for a 20% discount!  Register here

GR8Conf US

June 2016 SETT Article: Using React with Grails

June 02, 2016

by Zachary Klein, Software Engineer

June 2016

React, the JavaScript library from Facebook, has become a popular view technology for building dynamic, testable and performant user interfaces. While not a full-fledged framework like Angular or Ember, React’s focus on functional component-based views with no (or minimal) internal state makes it a great choice when building Single Page Applications (SPA) or even dynamic subcomponents within a page-based application. Because it doesn’t make assumptions about data-flow or controller logic outside of rendering the view, React relies on the developer to either provide these features directly in JavaScript, or use another framework as a backend to support the React-based UI.

It is this flexibility, in part, that makes React an appealing choice as a modern JavaScript view layer for Grails applications. Grails provides a robust backend built upon Spring Boot, GORM, and the Groovy programming language, as well as excellent support for generating restful endpoints that may be consumed by the React application. Since Grails 3 is also based upon Gradle, you can leverage Gradle’s Node plugin to unify your build and testing pipeline for both Grails and React, without needing to complicate your deployment processes.

Finally, JSX (React’s XML-like syntax for defining components and page markup) is a powerful and flexible way to create dynamic views. In the author’s opinion, creating components in JSX is quite analogous to defining custom GSP tags in a Grails taglib: a function that receives state via props (GSP attrs) and typically (but not always) renders markup based on that state. In React’s case, these components are re-rendered upon every change to the app’s state, rather than being limited to page-load. This stateless component model should be understandable to Grails developers who have written custom GSP tags, and JSX takes this to the next level.

This article demonstrates how to integrate React into a Grails 3 application, using some of Grail’s restful features to get up and running quickly. You’ll spend a bit of time getting the project set up, and get to know some of the players in a React codebase. There’s plenty of resources available to teach you React and restful API design, so this article focuses primarily on the “missing pieces” of combining React with a Grails application1. A list of resources follows this article, to help in furthering your understanding of React - you’ll be able to take this foundation and follow along with the same documentation, tutorials and other resources available to React developers.

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Special Offer for June 2016 OMG Technical Meeting

May 18, 2016


OCI is offering a 10% discount to next month's Object Management Group Technical Meeting!

As an Influencing Member of the Object Management Group, we are pleased to offer this 10% discount to our valued clients and user base for the OMG Technical Meeting in Orlando, FL, June 20-24.

Use code: TCFL46

The OMG Technical Meeting provides IT architects, business analysts, government experts, vendors and end-users a neutral forum to discuss, develop and adopt standards that enable software interoperability for a wide range of industries. Attend an OMG Technical Meeting to influence the direction of future standards work, hear from industry experts, network with your peers and be among the first to know what will be cutting edge tomorrow.

Information Days--one or two-day in-depth events on a specific area of interest--are held during each Technical Meeting and are a great way to get training and learn about standards and related practices, methodologies & technologies.

Register Now - Don't forget to use code TCFL46 for your 10% Discount!

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May 2016 SETT Article: Boost.Log Library

May 02, 2016

by Kevin Heifner, Principal Software Engineer

May 2016

I was recently updating an application from 32-bit Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VC10) to 64-bit Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (VC12). The application used Apache log4cxx for logging. Since Apache log4cxx has not been updated in a number of years, I decided to switch to Boost logging. Boost was already used by the project, so it seemed like this would be an easy switch. However, Boost.Log v2 took a bit more effort to set up than I would have initially guessed. If you are moving from Apache log4cxx or similar Log4J-style logging (e.g., log4cpp), or if you are just new to Boost.Log, I hope you find this article helpful for getting started.

The focus of this article is setting up Boost.Log in a similar manner as log4cxx. Specifically, we want to be able to initialize the logging via a config file so that it can be modified without having to recompile and redeploy our application. Boost.Log is very flexible and provides numerous logging capabilities. Please see the Boost.Log documentation for all the various features. Although this is not an exhaustive overview of Boost.Log, it should be sufficient for you to add logging to your application. The full source may be found at

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OCI Lunch n Learn (Go programming language) 4/29

April 26, 2016

OCI Lunch n Learn (Go programming language) 4/29

For this month's tech lunch (Friday, April 29 at 11:30 AM CST), OCI Principal Software Engineer Adam Mitz discusses the Go programming language ( Our last Go talk was about five years ago, so it's time to revisit Go, and see what's new.

As always, pizza and soda will be served. All OCI/Advantage engineers are welcome, and you can bring along your non-OCI colleagues.

If you'd like to see the talk but can't make it to OCI, you can tune in online (you will receive login instructions after you RSVP).  Whether you are coming to OCI or watching online, please RSVP at

Since we have no way of knowing if you've "accepted" this invitation or added it to your calendar, please be sure to RSVP at



OCI w/ Netflix & RGA Discussing Open Source & DevOps at Gateway to Innovation

April 22, 2016

As a Silver Sponsor at this year's event, OCI in collaboration with Netflix and RGA is leading a panel discussion on "How to Leverage Open Source Tools for Automated, Collaborative Software Delivery Solutions." The session features Andrew Glover, Engineering Manager with Netflix, Kishan Bagam, Lead Cloud Architect at RGA, and Kevin Stanley, OCI's DevOps Practice Lead.

In this session, attendees will hear about exciting, leading edge advances in DevOps and how Open Source Solutions helped both Netflix and RGA realize outstanding results in advancing and improving their application development and delivery processes and systems.

Learn more

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