Grails Quickcast #1: Grails Interceptors


Grails Quickcast #1: Grails Interceptors

OCI & DZone have partnered to launch a new series: the Grails Quickcasts, led by Jeff Brown, principal software engineer and Grails practice lead at OCI.

Got a [g|G]roovy 17 minutes? Watch a quarter-hour of pure coding by Grails co-founder Jeff Scott Brown. Grin as Grails lets you build a JVM web app as fast as those Ruby on Rails developers do it -- with all the muscle of the Java platform.

In the first video, Jeff talks Grails interceptors. (Yes, create-interceptor actually creates an interceptor. Mind. Blown.)

This Quickcast assumes only basic familiarity with Groovy (which is pretty darn expressive anyway) and the MVC concept (which you already know). Also serves as an excellent introduction to the interceptor pattern in any language, because Grails' behind-the-scenes legwork lets you focus on the logic of the pattern.

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