Grails Quickcast #2: JSON Views


Grails Quickcast #2: JSON Views

Grails co-founder Jeff Scott Brown continues his deep dives into Grails with another awesome Grails Quickcast, brought to you in collaboration with DZone. In case you missed part 1, here's a dive into interceptors.

In a delightful and informative 15 minutes, Brown probes JSON views. Beginning with a Grails 3.1.1 application, created with a standard web profile, Brown added a few custom domain classes. The artist class has albums associated with it, and is annotated with

The ultimate goal is publishing a REST API under /artists for managing instances of the artist class, and to support the JSON and XML formats.

Brown uses music examples, including Space Oddity by David Bowie (RIP), and Close to the Edge by Yes. Sending a request to /artists gives a list of artists all of whom have albums associated with them. While the app is running in development mode, the JSON files can be altered and the effects of those changes can be seen real-time in the application. For example, switching "ArtistName": "Riverside" to "theArtistName": "Riverside".

This Quickcast assumes basic knowledge of Grails, JSON, and REST APIs. Check out Brown’s neat intro to JSON views!

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