jFAST is a newly-released open source Java implementation of the FAST protocol.

** This project is under active development. Please consider getting involved and sponsoring the completion of the work. **

jFAST provides a unique combination of compression and serialization with minimal CPU and memory requirements.  It is ideal for both small footprint bandwidth constrained devices and large servers that need to quickly transmit high volumes of data.

Feature highlights:

  • 100% pure Java 7 implementation, no use of unsafe or JNI
  • Android compatibility
  • Supports 1.1 of the FAST spec.
  • Garbage free and lock free for predictable low latency behavior
  • Free and open under the BSD license

When run  on the JDK dynamic code generation, jFAST is used to match the performance of mFAST, making jFAST the fastest known pure Java implementation of the FAST specification.

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