mFAST is a newly-released open source C++ implementation of the FAST protocol that is easy to use and more efficient than QuickFAST.

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  • Avoids in-memory data representation for application types that are not type safe and accesses data structure without using a string comparison, which improves space and speed efficiency.

  • mFAST incorporates some advanced techniques, such as region-based memory management and the flyweight and visitor design patterns, making it more efficient than QuickFAST.

  • mFAST supports FAST specification versions 1.1 and 1.2.

Benefits of Using mFAST

  • mFAST is free open source software (FOSS), which means no vendor lock-in and maximum user control. There are no license fees whatsoever, and the full source code is available at no cost.

  • FAST as a common trading protocol offers a way to reduce the bandwidth and network-latency required to distribute market data without incurring excessive CPU costs.

  • The community development model ensures a robust implementation with a large number of users validating the product every day.

  • Improved Runtime Efficiency

Quick Comparison
 QuickFIX  QuickFAST  mFAST  
FOSS Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Support Available Yes Yes Yes
Performance Fast Faster Fastest
Supports FAST v. 1.2 No No Yes
Multi-language/Multi-Platform Yes Yes Yes
Mature, full-service solution Yes Yes No
Built-in Modules for Session Management   Yes No  

FAST Success Stories

OCI has assisted clients in connecting to and certifying with the six (6) U.S. options exchanges: PCoast, Amex, Philadelphia, Boston, ISE, CBOE, plus CME, Currenex, ICE, HotSpot and Montreal. Following the recent CBOE/CME merger, we also performed Globex migrations and certifications.

We recently designed and implemented an Ouch engine for NASDAQ trading.

If you're interested in learning more about how OCI can help you improve the performance of your exchange, or if you'd like to explain how you are using FIX and/or FAST, please contact us.

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