QuickFIX is an open source C++ implementation of the FIX protocol.

The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol is a message standard developed to facilitate the electronic exchange of information related to securities transactions. It is intended for use between trading partners wishing to automate communications.

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QuickFIX is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD. Several implementation variants of the engine exist, including

  • QuickFIX/J, a Java implementation 
  • QuickFIX/n, a C# implementation 
  • QuickFIX/Go, a Go implementation 
Quick Comparison
FOSS Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Support Available Yes Yes Yes
Performance Fast Faster Fastest
Supports FAST v. 1.2 No No Yes
Multi-language/Multi-Platform Yes Yes Yes
Mature, full-service solution Yes Yes No
Built-in Modules for Session Management Yes No  

FIX/FAST Success Stories

OCI migrated clients from older exchange protocols and proprietary FIX engines to dramatically reduce trading costs, and improve throughput. OCI's architectural approach with a FIX Exchange Adaptor (FEA), and the use of exchange gateways, helps with the transition stage, subsequent migration, and by exploiting an "exchange strategy" offer easy accommodation of FIX extensions by the various exchanges.

OCI uses the "message builder" feature of QuickFAST to optimize FAST to match clients' normalized message model. This ensures lowest latency processing and skips the "generic message" intermediate step.

OCI has assisted clients in connecting to and certifying with the six (6) U.S. options exchanges: PCoast, Amex, Philadelphia, Boston, ISE, CBOE, plus CME, Currenex, ICE, HotSpot and Montreal. Following the recent CBOE/CME merger, we also performed Globex migrations and certifications.

OCI designed and implemented an Ouch engine for NASDAQ trading.

OCI has helped clients connect via providers such as Goldman, Onyx, and Morgan Stanley. We also used QuickFAST on the NYSE ARCA and were able to realize substantial performance gains.

If you're interested in learning more about how OCI can help you improve the performance of your exchange, or if you'd like to explain how you are using FIX and/or FAST, please contact us.


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