Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT marketplace “buzz” is in full swing,

though many times companies end up simply chasing IoT technologies rather than capturing the business value they can enable. 

At OCI, we focus on understanding business objectives first, before evaluating and selecting the tools and technologies to be used. 

IoT should enable business objectives like the following:

  • improve your customer’s experience
  • reduce costs and inefficiencies
  • increase revenue with existing assets
  • improve overall product quality
  • or create new business models

We lead companies through their IoT journey, helping clients transform their business to capture real business value.  Yes, we are experts in tools, technologies, and software engineering, especially in the area of Open Source Software.  Applying the “right” tools and technologies, however, is still dependent upon knowing the intended business destination.

Having said that, IoT capabilities are spawning new ways of thinking, new ways of transforming business and, therefore, new opportunities for companies to modify and enhance their business offerings.  Some common IoT themes have emerged:

  • Predictive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring:  if it can wear out — monitor it and, if possible, predict it!
  • Boundary condition detection:  if it’s supposed to stay cold, hot, whatever — make sure it does!
  • Safety:  Can a droid or drone do the job?  Can I better monitor a patient’s health?
  • Asset tracking:  If it can move, be lost, or stolen — track it!
  • People tracking:  If I can sell something, figure out how to close it!  Can I serve my customer better?
  • Security:  If controlled access to data, devices, systems are required – protect it!
  • Faster time to market / decision:  If speed-to-market / speed-to-decision is essential — provide it!
  • Fog / Edge computing:  If local processing speed / reduced latency, and connectivity is valuable — enable it!

Embarking upon an IoT journey is not without challenges, however the reward can be great. We can help navigate and guide you through this journey.

And we take IoT one step further,

to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Simply put, IIoT is IoT one level deeper.  For example, with IoT you connect to a device or sensor to obtain relevant data and input; with IIoT you program the device or sensor to optimally use available bandwidth, enhance output / input performance, extend battery life, etc.  Essentially, IIoT provides and enables a full stack / suite of components and technologies, enabling IoT solutions for resource-constrained and more demanding environments.

IIoT is much more than this one example. It addresses all sorts of connectivity, cloud, analytics, and overall business demands. To be successful with IIoT, because of its increased emphasis on real time and fault tolerance, you need expertise in integration.

We have been developing IIoT solutions for our clients for over 20 years.  We can help you incubate and implement your idea, develop high throughput data ingestion solutions, provide development framework tools for “edge” development and device/sensor connectivity, or design and build end-to-end solutions.

Read our IIoT White Paper to learn more.

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