Software Engineering

Our seasoned architects and engineers know how to engineer complex systems and applications, from conceptualization, architecture, and design, to development and maintenance. We help bring clarity to system requirements and architecture, assist in engineering a complete system, upgrade an existing one, or integrate existing parts into a more scalable, maintainable and flexible architecture.

Our engineering practice is built around a simple mission: whatever package, component, or custom software we develop or implement for you, must integrate with, and increase the value and capabilities of the existing software that surrounds it.  We work relentlessly to achieve this mission.

Technology Assessment

Tech decisions must be made within the context of:  1) current state;  2) what’s funded and planned;  3) what competitors are doing; and 4) what “new tech” should be considered.

We’ll look at your landscape and deliver an assessment along those four dimensions in a responsive timeframe — typically  within weeks, for a reasonable cost.  You control the budget as we explore options in developing the right solution for your organization.

OCI brings over 20 years of software engineering expertise, partnering with clients in the Aerospace and Defense, Bioinformatics, Telecommunications and Finance domains, to design and deliver sophisticated software solutions that are open, scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable. Please take a few moments to review our Key Accomplishments for a high level view of some of our projects.

Architecture & Design

Your ability to keep pace with business demands is dependent on your architecture.  Is it easy to quickly add software capabilities that integrate with existing investments?  

Because your software landscape is often an accumulation of point-in-time decisions (sometimes with intended or unintended proprietary bias), your architecture may begin to look like a tapestry of tools; legacy systems and diverse platforms make the problem even thornier.  

All the while, you’re expected to maintain pace with the demands of business, increase business intelligence capabilities and improve your speed to market and uptime, all while reducing overall costs.

We offer the experience to help you address the architectural challenges caused by today's fast paced technology evolution. Our technologically diverse and experienced staff enable you to stay focused on your business needs by helping you avoid dependencies on inadequate, costly, and dead-end technology solutions.

And we can help you quickly unwind the accumulation of point-in-time decisions.

Software Development

We build high performance, real-time, mission critical systems, and integrated application and software solutions— solutions that are open, scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable. We provide software engineering services at both the systems and application level. From a systems development perspective, we help clients with technology refresh, custom middleware, device/hardware control, distributed systems, legacy integration, and real-time messaging services. From an application development perspective, our capabilities include enterprise web development, big data management, mobile computing, project management, and support and maintenance services.

In House Development

Understanding you want to stretch your budget dollars, we want to offer you brilliant technologists who can work with you for a time at your site, and then develop your solutions at OCI, providing continuous feedback and remaining a strong contributor to your virtual team.  Consider us your local outsourcing alternative; we can be on site as needed.

On Site Experts

Consider moving away from the never-ending challenge of hiring and retaining all the talent you’ll ever need. Consider instead partnering with a trusted software engineering firm that can provide you lower-total-cost, experienced and capable answers to your staffing challenges.

We attract and retain industry-leading software engineers because of our commitment to Open Source technologies and our professional staff development programs (including free training through OCI Training, ongoing on-boarding and mentorship programs, collaborative work environment, etc.). Our work and projects introduce and engage our engineers in unique and exciting opportunities, working on state-of-the-art technologies, in Defense, Aerospace, Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunications, Media and other industries.

OCI engineers routinely work at client sites to lead or compliment and strengthen development teams. We can help you with:

  • System and software architecture, design and development

  • Web UI development

  • iOS and Android mobile development

  • Cloud computing

  • Standardization

  • Product-specific expertise (Grails, TAO, JacORB, OpenDDS, JBoss, etc.)

  • Infrastructure development and support

  • Server configuration and maintenance

  • Project management and PMO services

  • Fractional CIO engagements

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