Eliciting and Documenting Requirements

The Business Analyst has been described as the person who bridges the divide between IT departments and the business organizations they support.  For all of the tools and techniques to elicit requirements, nothing is more important than making the most of human contact between these two interdependent groups.  This seminar discusses several useful approaches to gathering requirements, focusing on the facilitation of collaborative sessions and the clear translation of business needs into requirements.


  • Elicit and assess information
  • Conduct interviews with user and business leaders
  • Facilitate collaborative sessions
  • Resolve conflicts and reach consensus
  • Navigate organizational politics
  • Foster creative problem solving
  • Document the information gathered
  • Write effective requirements


Business analysts, designers/systems analysts, requirements professionals, business product owners, business architects, project/program managers, team leaders, team facilitators, development managers, process improvement professionals, management consultants, and IT specialists.




  • Good Requirements
    • Business rationale
    • Requirements classification
    • Creating the road map
  • Elicitation and Collaboration
    • Understanding the difference
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • What to elicit
  • Techniques
    • Process analysis techniques
    • Interviews, focus groups, surveys
    • Brainstorming
    • User stories
    • Use cases
    • When, why and how to use the techniques
  • Writing Requirements
    • Transitioning from elicitation to requirements
    • Requirements tips and guidelines


2 Days (12 hours)

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