Project Management for the Business Analyst

Good project management is an important part of general business management; for information technology projects, it is critical. IT projects typically are more complex and have greater impact on business processes. Timelines are tighter and user/business needs are more dynamic. Effective project management is essential to meet these challenges and make the most efficient use of scarce resources

For the Business Analyst, IT project management represents the core set of skills needed for Requirements Planning and Management. This seminar thoroughly covers the Planning and Monitoring knowledge area and provides significant coverage of the Communication Management knowledge area while being BABoK Compliant.


  • Select projects that will deliver meaningful and measurable business results
  • Integrate business analysis activities into the system development life cycle
  • Apply scope management processes to create and manage the requirements
  • Apply time management processes to create and manage a valid schedule for business analysis activities
  • Apply communications management processes to manage information
  • Create and monitor progress through completion





  • Overview
    • Triple Constraint Theory
    • Project Failures: The Role of Requirements
    • Business Analysis Knowledge Areas
    • Project Management Knowledge Areas
    • Technology Project Life Cycle
  • Create a T-chart
  • Getting Organized
    • Project Selection
    • Business Case Components
    • Measurable success criteria
    • Prioritization Matrix
    • Project Charter
    • High Level Business Requirements
  • Critical Path
  • Project Planning
    • Why Requirements Management?
    • Statement of Work
    • Communication Plan
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Estimating Techniques
    • Task Dependencies
    • Network Diagram
    • Resource Evaluation
    • Resource Leveling
    • Risk Planning
    • Elements of the Project Plan
  • Gantt Chart
    • Managing Projects
      • Status Reports
      • Change Management
      • Task Monitoring
      • Budget and Quality Reviews
      • Risk and Strategy Reviews
      • Go / No-Go Criteria
      • Execute and Control Responsibilities
    • Closing Projects
      • Validating Completion
      • Transition Activities
      • Closeout Responsibilities


2 Days (12 hours)

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