Introduction to Hacking, Defense and Response

Cybercrime is at an all time high. Vulnerabilities are exploited daily. What offensive tactics and tools do attackers use to break into our systems?  If you don't understand an adversary's offense, you have little chance of successful defense.

This course exposes you to the tools and techniques attackers use to break into systems. A tangible understanding of attacker tactics is critical for effective defense and response.  Our primary objective is to give you exposure to hacking techniques from an attacker point of view so you can better develop and apply security controls.


  • Understand the risks associated with systems, networks and software
  • Understand the tools and techniques used by hackers and security professionals
  • Understand what you can do to protect yourself


This course is for anyone needing an introduction to vulnerability mitigation using the tools and techniques of both the white hat and black hat hackers.


Security Architecture and ControlsTCP/IP Fundamentals, or equivalent experience.


  • Hackers
    • Why do they hack
    • Motivations and methodology
  • Casing the Establishment
    • Footprinting Target Acquisition
    • Scanning
    • Enumerating
    • Hands-On Lab
  • System Hacking
    • Cisco Routers
    • Linux Servers
    • Windows 7 and 8
    • Windows Servers
    • Using Bash Shellcode exploit to hack Linux/Unix
  • Software Hacking
    • Remote Control Insecurities
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Web Hacking
    • Hacking The Internet User
    • using metasploit
    • SQL injection
  • Protecting your Network
    • Know thy self
      • Monitor network usage
      • Perform vulnerability analysis (some Nessus discussion)
      • Perform penetration tests
  • Defense in Depth
    • Firewalls
    • Host Hardening
    • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
    • Secure design elements


12 Hours (2 Days)

WebSanity Top Secret