IT Security Fundamentals

Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing sectors.  As we add more items to the Internet, such as the Internet of Things, this increases risk and invites more criminals to move from traditional crime to cybercrime. Fundamental knowledge of cyber security is critical.

This course lays the foundation in cyber security and covers topics aimed at providing perspective.  It is designed to increase awareness on what attackers can do, what they are after, and how this impacts you.  Our primary objective is to arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in an increasingly digital world.


  • Understand the role of risk assessment and data classification in making security cost justification decisions involving modern security systems and components
  • Understand the terms, tools and techniques that will support their ability to eliminate as many threats as possible and to engineer an appropriate response for all others
  • Appreciate the role and need for an educated user community


This course is for anyone needing a broader perspective of security tools and processes, especially the business unit/application manager who must understand the vulnerabilities that can compromise their business mission and the cost of mitigating that security risk.




  • Security: The most comprehensive business process
  • Establishing a security strategy
    • Security risk assessment
    • Data classification
  • Developing a layered security architecture
  • The role of security policy, training and testing
  • Engaging industry resources and support
  • Enterprise Identity Management
  • Layered security architecture (tools and technique)
    • Within the application
    • At the device level
    • On the intranet and in wireless systems
    • At the enterprise margins
    • Communicating between remote site and business partners
  • Change management control
  • Incident response and forensic investigation


12 Hours (2 Days)

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