OpenDDS Modeling Software Development Kit (SDK)

This course provides developers and architects with hands-on experience using the OpenDDS Modeling SDK to design and build publish/subscribe applications that use OpenDDS. OpenDDS is an open source implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS). The Eclipse-based, open source Modeling SDK enables developers to define an application’s middleware components and data structures as a UML model, then generate the code to implement the model using OpenDDS. The generated code can then be compiled and linked with the application to provide seamless middleware support to the application. Working with models raises the level of abstraction at which developers work, improves productivity, and enhances communication within and across teams.


  • Understand the basics of the Modeling SDK model
  • Understand the Modeling SDK integration and usage within Eclipse
  • Use the Modeling SDK to design DCPS application models that include packages, data types, entities, and quality of service policies
  • Use the Modeling SDK to generate C++ code implementing the application model
  • Use the generated code in an actual application


Application developers and architects using publish/subscribe middleware


  • Non-trivial working knowledge of C++ and familiarity with object-oriented concepts
  • Familiarity with DDS concepts (unless the optional 1-day overview is included)


  • Introduction to the OpenDDS Modeling SDK
  • DCPS Data Models
  • DCPS Entity Models
  • Quality of Service Policy Models
  • Validating Models
  • Working Effectively within the Modeling Environment
  • Working with Multiple Models
  • Generating Code from Models
  • Using MPC to Simplify Builds
  • Developing Applications with Model-Generated Code
  • Transport Configuration with the Modeling SDK
  • Advanced Uses of the Modeling SDK


12 Hours (2 days), plus an optional 6 Hour (1 Day) overview of DDS and OpenDDS

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