Training Testimonials

“It was refreshing to take a class from instructors that know how to teach, have a sense of humor, and enjoy what they do. Much of the training we endure is bland, canned and exhausting. It was a novel experience to walk out of class feeling energized, intrigued and looking forward to the next day’s lesson. I really liked the way the slide information was organized. I think you did a good job of keeping the class on task and organized. Best of all you were approachable and willing to share what you know whether it was directly related to the topic under discussion or not.”

“Excellent; it held my interest the entire time. Informative as well as entertaining, which pretty much guaranteed that it would hold my interest.”
— WEB611, Anonymous

“I think you guys really work well together and each has a good understanding of different areas that matter.”
— WEB611, Anonymous

Custom TDD with Java

“It was great to hear the other developers in the room applying it to their real projects in real time.”
–Chris K

“[Instructor] was an excellent instructor. He simplifies concepts to make them more understandable/memorable. He uses analogies appropriately. I have some TDD experience, but I was still able to gain new insights like BDDMokito and Hamcrest asserts.”

“Course was outstanding!!! Thanks!”
–Jay C

“The TDD and Mokito sections of the course were great. Great examples and labs.”
–Ted B

“The course is good for those with little background in Unit testing and test first development. The instructor presented the materials well and the class exercises were effective from that standpoint.”
–Tony W

Custom Advanced C++ and Intro to Scripting

“Definitely worthwhile. There were plenty of fine details and advanced techniques to keep the course interesting even though some of the content was a review for me.”
–Jason S

“[Instructor] did a great job of explaining the Perl language in 3 hours (an impossible feat). Great job overall!”
–Roger G

“C++ and Python were well paced and really enjoyable. I feel like I really picked up a lot on those!”

“Very pleased, not too much review and challenging enough to keep it interesting.”
–Jayne R

Custom Object-Oriented Design Patterns

“[Instructor] was an excellent instructor, his mastery of the topic was clear and his methods for guiding us to the right understanding of the concepts was very positive.”
–Marc A

“The notes were of good quality, technically. We did design patterns for one of two classes (class periods/lectures in college-makes a lot more sense now). I think they’ll stick this time! Thanks.”
–Kim B

“Great presentation of Design Patterns and interaction with the class. Course will be put to good use at work.”
–Francis A

“I enjoyed the project participation. I found it helped me learn the patterns.”
–Gary D

“Awesome class! Wish is was a bit longer.”
–Aaron B

“Excellent course. I really enjoyed the exercises being more concept based than code based. It helped me get a better grasp of the information.”

“Teacher did very well when explaining real world applications of this subject matter.”
–Dallas M

“Good Class. Fun learning environment.”

“Completely satisfied with the class.”
–Shali B

Custom Spring MVC

“I found the instructor to be quite knowledgeable and enjoyed the topic he was speaking about. I enjoyed the class a lot.”
–Dave H

Custom Java Boot Camp

“My team is getting a lot out of it, even those with some prior Java Knowledge.”
–Tracy S

“We are hearing great things about this training and [Instructor]!”
–Tracy S

“The material was combined in such a fashion that it’s seamless to the attendees that this course covers several classes into one. It has definitely been worthwhile!”
–Tracy S

Custom Unix/Linux Operating System for Developers

“Excellent Introduction to Unix OS.”
–Venkatesan K

“I liked the exercises and materials. Very well presented. Thank you, [Instructor]!”
–Stephen M

“Overall good content for me with limited Unix/Linux experience.”
–Eric S

“Instructor was able to dynamically adjust with appropriate exercises. Was able to fit in other requested content.”

Refactoring to Design Patterns

“This is exactly what I wanted to learn about. The class had the right mix of labs vs lecture.”
–Rich A

“The instructor really excelled in leading the discussion on the benefits, pros, and cons on the different patters. Excellent!”
–Tony W

“[Instructor] did an excellent job with the course! I thought the pace, labs, and scope of the training was great.”
–Jason H

“Good course-very relevant.”
–Corey H

Custom Responsive Web Design

“Thank you! This is one of the best classes I’ve ever attended.”
–Melania E

“Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and able to teach the subject. The team teaching method worked great!”
–Keith W

“The team teaching concept for this particular class was an excellent plan!”
–Jami R

“These two really know the material. They did a great job teaching together.”
–Mike L

“This was probably the best course I’ve taken in the 20+ years at [client name].”

Custom Advanced Java

“Wonderful and engaging instruction and exercise labs.”
–Francis A

“Great course, great teacher.”
–Helaman C

“[Instructor] is knowledgeable and has good experience. It is a great one.”
–Rakesh G

“The course was great and I really enjoyed learning from [Instructor]. He obviously has a passion for good programming practices.
–Shane A

“Great labs!”
–Michael T

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting.”
–Nicholas G

“Enjoyed the labs and plan on using them.”
–Dien Y

“Course was very relevant and for the most part exciting. Instructor showed high level of knowledge in the material.”
–Richmond N

“Great course that refreshed me on a lot of topics I learned in college. Instructor was excellent and very willing to answer questions.”
–Travis W

Custom Business Analysis

“This course should be a part of every BA’s on-boarding.”
–Tina B

“This training motivates me to do better at what I do. This class has provided me avenues for capturing better and more accurate business requirements.”
–Brad R

“This is a great class. It reminded me of things I knew and had forgotten as well as taught me things I didn’t know, all good.”
–Barbara L

“I liked this training as it was to the point and covered many options/tools that will help me do my job more efficiently.”–Jared G

“Instructor offered a complete set of tools and pragmatic advice.”
–Ted M

“This class provided me with great detail and the instructor was full of good ideas to use at all stages of projects.”
–Patricia W

“One of the things I liked most was learning the various ways to engage business users.”
–Susan H

“For sure I am looking forward to applying the tools and techniques I learned for all of my projects.”
–Bryant O

“I like his use of real-world examples of projects to make point and his handouts I can use in my current job the best!”
–Don K

Custom Object Oriented Development with C++

“[Instructor] knew the material at an expert level, Thanks!”
–Steve S

“Good knowledge of topics covered. Good at communicating that knowledge.”
–Steve S

Google Web Toolkit Workshop

“This class was just what we needed, especially the discussion of our own code. [Instructor] is a pleasure to work with.”
–Jerry H

“[Instructor] did a very good job with the material.”

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